Vergangenes Konzert

Tickets available only from Kultissimo as of the beginning of September

Piano Festival

16.11.-24.11. 2019




    Workshop for Children with Bernd Lhotzky

    Time and meeting point: 12.45 | main entrance to the KKL Luzern

    for everyone ages 7 and up

    the workshop lasts ca. 45’

    The piano is essentially a box with 88 keys. But what colors and rhythms this box can produce! Young Festival guests ages 7 and up will have an opportunity to explore what the piano can do, why the keys are black and white, and what happens when you press them in three workshops offered by LUCERNE FESTIVAL as part of Pro Juventute’s “Kultissimo.” The pianist Igor Levit and his two jazz colleagues Chris Conz and Bernd Lhotzky will introduce their instruments to participants at the KKL and the Südpol, giving them an entrée into the world of music. They will talk (in German) about the pieces they will play – and of course about themselves as well. “Kultissimo” is being organized for the first time in 2019 by Pro Juventute Lucerne Zug in cooperation with various cultural institutions in Lucerne and Zug. Its aim is to open the doors to art and culture for children.

    Pro Juventute Kultissimo – Culture for Children
    Friday, 22 – Sunday, 24 November
    Detailed information on the program will be available starting September 2019 at

    Time and meeting point: 10.45 | main entrance to the KKL Luzern