Cosmos Boulez 2 ─ CANCELLED

Arditti Quartet


Sat, 22.08. | 16.00 | No. 20315


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Summer Festival – Cancelled

14.08.-13.09. 2020



    Arditti Quartet:  Irvine Arditti, violin | Ashot Sarkissjan, violin | Ralf Ehlers, viola | Lucas Fels, cello
    Pierre Boulez (1925–2016)
    Livre pour quatuor.

    fourth movement reconstructed by Philippe Manoury and Jean-Louis Leleu on a commission from the Daniel Barenboim Stiftung and the Philharmonie de Paris
    Swiss premiere of the reconstruction

    Introductory comments will be given during the concert (in German

    Pierre Boulez was extremely meticulous. He withdrew works that did not meet his enormous demands and took up others to rework over and over. He subjected his only string quartet to the latter process, returning to it almost for a lifetime – yet it remained a torso. By 1949, at the age of 23, Boulez had already completed a first version that is a kind of compendium of the compositional achievements of the 20th century. After parts had been performed, however, he allowed the Livre pour quatuor to fall into oblivion because of the extreme challenges it posed for the musicians; meanwhile, he reworked and expanded it several times. The legendary Arditti Quartet presented a revised version in 1985, which Boulez took up again in 2011-12. The fourth of the six movements remained a mere sketch until his death. At the suggestion of Irvine Arditti and with the support of the musicologist Jean-Louis Leleu, composer Philippe Manoury, a close collaborator of Boulez at IRCAM in Paris, struggled his way through “the labyrinths of this musical jungle” and at last completed the Livre.

    Arditti Quartet

    This biography ist available in German only.

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