In the streets: Sentitreff

Alzaymir | Unavantaluna



Vergangenes Konzert

Summer Festival

11.08.-10.09. 2017




    In the streets: Sentitreff

    Alzaymir | Unavantaluna

    Folk from Turkey & Sicily

    The World Music Festival in the Festival
    It took Jules Verne’s fictive hero Philes Fogg 80 days to travel around the world. Nowadays we can obviously do that a lot faster. But one evening is enough to circumnavigate the globe at LUCERNE FESTIVAL.

    More precisely: it just takes a stroll through Lucerne’s historic city center. For in the streets and squares of the old city, you can hear exotic sounds from all over the world over a period of six days. Eight international music groups will expand our horizons − with Turkish songs, wild tarantellas, and Balkan beats, as they sing or make music on instruments like the sitar or erhu.

    Every evening (and on before midday on Saturday as well), “In the “Streets” provides a colorful musical spectacle under the open skies. Starting at 22.00, the evening’s final act comes as selected groups play in the Sentitreff till late in the night. And you can see all of the musicians on two occasions on the Europaplatz in front of the KKL Luzern: at the Opening Concert on Tuesday, 22 August, and during the “Special Event Day” on Sunday, 27 August.

    Entrance to all of these events is, as usual, free: the audience pays the artists as they see fit on each occasion by tossing money into a hat. Sustenance will also be available, since the adjoining taverns and stands will have special offers during the concerts. In case of inclement weather, the performances will be relocated to venues with shelter.



    Despite today’s tendencies toward nationalism, the world of popular music is increasingly displacing traditional songs Turkey as well. Five young musicians from Istanbul hope to change that. They have dusted off almost forgotten tunes – and accompany their vocals with instruments old and new.

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    After meeting up by chance in Rome, they decided to go in search of their roots together. Performing on such Sicilian instruments as the friscaletto, zampogna, and tambourine, this  quartet plays tarantellas and working and folk songs, as well as pieces they compose themselves – with untrammeled spontaneity.

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