International Advisory Board of the Friends of LUCERNE FESTIVAL

The International Advisory Board of the Friends 
of LUCERNE FESTIVAL comprises influential representatives from the worlds of culture, politics, business, 
and society who represent the strategic core markets 
of LUCERNE FESTIVAL and the Foundation Friends 
of LUCERNE FESTIVAL. The Advisory Board supports and advances the 
Foundation’s objectives and contributes to the success and positive further development of the Festival and its circle 
of Friends.

Members of the International Advisory Board are:

  • Alan W. Fang (China)
  • Mag. Klaus Buchleitner (Austria)
  • Peter Greither (Germany)
  • David Kershaw (Great Britain)
  • Dr. Christoph M. Müller (Switzerland)
  • Makoto Nakao (Japan)
  • Paloma O'Shea (Spain)
  • Lutz Peters (Germany)
  • Sara Sela (Israel)
  • Kazuko Shiomi (Japan)
  • Alan B. Vickery (USA)