The Foundation Friends of LUCERNE FESTIVAL

What should we call them? An exclusive club? Or perhaps better: an international network? Or simply the ambassadors of LUCERNE FESTIVAL? All of these descriptions are perfectly apt for the Friends of LUCERNE FESTIVAL, which currently comprises about 500 members. For almost 50 years the Friends have been united by one shared belief: art, and in particular classical music, is their passion. They want to support and promote it.

About the Foundation Friends

Since its founding in 1966, the Foundation Friends of LUCERNE FESTIVAL has made supporting the work of one of the world’s most renowned classical music festivals its goal. The moral and financial support that is obtained through this non-profit organization is invaluable for LUCERNE FESTIVAL. The contributions made by the Friends amount to approximately eight percent of the total budget, thereby contributing significantly to the Festival’s financial security and sustainability.

The international friends of LUCERNE FESTIVAL come predominantly from Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Spain, Israel, Hong Kong, from the United States and from Japan.

Patrons of the Foundation Friends

LUCERNE FESTIVAL is grateful to all of its Friends for their long-standing and loyal support. We would especially like to thank our following patrons:

Thomas Abegg | Nachlass Ernest I. Ascher | Prof. Dr. Dr. Herbert Batliner | Albert Behler | Jörg G. Bucherer | Coralma Stiftung, Meggen | Oswald J. Grübel | Yann und Sabine Guyonvarc’h | Happel Foundation, Luzern | International Music and Art Foundation, Liechtenstein | Dr. Klaus Jenny | Josef Müller Stiftung, Muri | Dr. Christoph M. Müller und Sibylla M. Müller | Michael Pieper | Charlotte Scheidegger-Vonlanthen | Thomas Schmidheiny | Carla Schwöbel-Braun


Anyone who is involved in the Friends has only to gain, for membership offers numerous benefits. As a member you belong to the Festival’s “inner circle,” you are allowed access behind the scenes and you get to meet artists. The Friends of LUCERNE FESTIVAL offers you an international platform to establish and maintain contacts among like-minded peers and important figures, which shared musical experiences help to solidify.

Overview of the memberships
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The team of the Foundation Friends

Sarah Amstad
Associate Manager Marketing & Communication | Management Young and Little Friends

Claudia Cavallari
Administration and individual support

The management position is vacant, for further information see the link:

Job advertisement


Foundation Friends of LUCERNE FESTIVAL
Hirschmattstrasse 13
CH-6002 Lucerne
+41 41 226 44 51

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