Young Performance

Let’s reinvent the concert! Through Young Performance LUCERNE FESTIVAL has created a production workshop of its own for innovative concert formats.

Children and young people require music to be presented in unusual and vivid ways. And the young generation of musicians doesn’t want to be limited to performing the well-known repertoire but is increasingly developing into active presenters of innovative concepts of music. Young Performance brings both phenomena together: selected Alumni of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY have an opportunity here — under the guidance of an experienced creative team of directors, choreographers, and composers — to shape an hour-long stage program for young listeners, thus integrating performative and communicative elements in their performance practice. Simply put: making music should be visible, for the eyes also listen along. When children and youngsters are able to see the sounds and when they understand how these are made, their experience of music becomes all the more intense. 

These annual productions are premiered at the Lucerne Summer Festival and subsequently presented in several Swiss cities as well as on international stages. Young Performance was unveiled to the public for the first time in the summer of 2014 with the staged concert HEROÏCA, which immediately went on to win the Young Ears Award. The following year came Fensadense. The new production scheduled for the summer of 2016, Divamania, will for the first time join the young instrumentalists with a pair of dancers.

Young Performance On Tour

Every spring Young Performance undertakes a major tour throughout Switzerland.

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