Adecco Career Sessions

As part of the Lucerne Festival Academy and together with the Adecco Group Foundation we are dedicated to the comprehensive education of the young generation of musicians – beyond their instrumental skills. 

Career Sessions

In the spirit of providing a comprehensive education for the young generation of artists, Lucerne Festival is committed to supporting Academy participants not only in their musical education but in their professional career planning as well. Since 2017, this goal has been implemented through the Adecco Career Sessions.

Interested Academy participants are led through various modules and sessions for career planning and development on site in Lucerne and also virtually under the guidance of trained coaches from the Adecco Group Foundation. These young professional musicians learn how to present themselves interactively and in dialogue, how to emphasize their strengths, and how to work with instruments that will support them in their career planning. By the end of the sessions, the participants gain a great deal of self-confidence in their abilities and come to know their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, they learn the most important criteria for storytelling and acquire the skills to keep their CVs current and up-to-date as appropriate for the music field and the job market.

In the long term, the Adecco Career Sessions are to be implemented as an integral component of the Lucerne Festival Academy. Together with the Adecco Group Foundation, in 2021 we will launch a new "Train the Trainer" project. Its goal is to have former Academy participants, who are now established musicians, take on the coaches' tasks to some extent and impart their experiences to young Academy participants.

This project has been made possible thanks to the extraordinary and forward-looking partnership with the Adecco Group Foundation.

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