Special Offers for School and University Students

Junge Freunde

Offer for School and University Students

For the concerts listed below students may purchase one ticket per person for each concert for a price of CHF 20. Each student may order for him- or herself as well as for up to two others in their group, each of whom must also be students. The desired total amount of concert tickets can be selected in the appropriate dropdown menu. When collecting the tickets at the box office, a valid student identification card must be presented. Tickets may be ordered up to 7 days before the concert in question.

Recital 1 − Violin
Leonidas Kavakos
Yuja Wang  piano 
Wolfgang Amadé Mozart | Sergej Prokofjew | Béla Bartók | Richard Strauss

Symphony Concert 5
Shanghai Symphony Orchestra   
Long Yu
Frank Peter Zimmermann  violin 
Qigang Chen | Sergej Prokofjew | Sergej Rachmaninow 

Recital 4 − Piano
Maurizio Pollini
André Richard  sound design (Nono) 
Johannes Brahms | Luigi Nono | Ludwig van Beethoven 

Symphony Concert 16
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam   
Tugan Sokhiev
Tabea Zimmermann  viola Johannes Brahms | Béla Bartók | Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowsky 

Symphony Concert 24
Orchestre National de France   
Emmanuel Krivine
Evgeny Kissin  piano 
Franz Liszt | Modest Mussorgsky/Maurice Ravel