"Deep Listening: New Music"

In short videos, leading composers and interpreters demonstrate the tonal, harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic facets and traditions of so-called new music. Thanks to their practical explanations and personal insights, we can "tune" our ears to the adventure of listening to contemporary music and gain a new understanding of music itself. And so: listen carefully!

"Deep Listening: with Dieter Ammann"

Swiss composer Dieter Ammann is one of the leading composers of his generation and a regular guest at Lucerne Festival, including as a co-lecturer in Wolfgang Rihm's Composer Seminar. Initially, he wasa for many years active as a jazz musician, and a great sense of spontaneity and energy likewise characterize his compositions, as for example his piano concerto "Gran Toccata," which was premiered at the BBC Proms in 2019 and has been an international success. We visited Dieter Ammann at home in Zofingen and asked him the following questions: