Lucerne Festival Academy


Spotlights 2013

Are you looking for a solo platform through which to showcase yourself and your musical creativity before an interested public? Spotlights is a new project of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY which was introduced with great success for the first time as part of the Summer Festival in 2011. Again in 2013 we will offer you the possibility to present your own ideas and projects via an exclusive platform. The platform Spotlights is targeted to former and current musicians of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY.
As a complement to the regular programs of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY, Spotlights will afford insights into individual projects by each musician. In this way the relevant artistic content will be openly addressed and serve as a complement to the Academy program to promote other kinds of musical styles as well and to encourage new art forms. Implementation and design of each particular project are at the center of the Spotlights project. Spotlights should also be understood in a literal sense: three young people will take turns standing in a beam of light as they demonstrate to the public their personal as well as musical and artistic creativity.
Musicians who have been active participants in the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY are invited to apply. Along with their presence in the Spotlights project, the three artists who are nominated will also be active participants in the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra in 2013.

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