Modern 6

Sat, 11 September 2010 | 16.30 | Südpol | 149
Fritz Hauser (Andreas Fahrni) 

Seven performances with improvisation, chamber music, "théâtre musical", and dance music.

Improvisation I | 16.30–17.00 | Südpol, Mittlere Halle
Alfred Zimmerlin cello | Fritz Hauser percussion
Chamber Music | 17.15–18.15 | Südpol, Musikschulsaal
Andrea Nagy clarinet | Paolo Vignaroli flute, First Prize Winner "Concours Nicati 09"
Mathias Steinauer (*1959) "con sordino – fadenscheinig" op.25 for clarinet solo – world premiere
Oscar Bianchi (*1975) "Gr…" for flute solo – world premiere
Philippe Kocher (*1973) New composition for clarinet and electronics – world premiere
Benoît Moreau (*1979) "Le schizophone" for flute and electronics – world premiere
Annette Schmucki (*1968) "73 paare" for flute and clarinet – world premiere
Commissioned by the Fondation Nicati-de-Luze and the Schweizer Tonkünstlerverein (Kocher and Bianchi)
Improvisation II | 19.00–19.30 | Südpol, Mittlere Halle
Charlotte Hug viola | Urs Leimgruber saxophone |
Jacques Demierre piano | Jonas Kocher accordion |
Urban Mäder piano
Kindly supported by Fondation Nicati-de-Luze 
Théâtre Musical | 19.45 | Südpol, Grosse Halle
Angela Bürger concept and director | Alfred Zimmerlin music | Viktoria Riedo-Hovhannessian costume and set designer | Claudia Brieske video design | Susanne Zapf dame / Isôt / violin | Florian Volkmann Knight / Tristrant/ double bass | Pascal Viglino King / Marke / percussion

Angela Bürger (*1965) | Alfred Zimmerlin (*1955)
“Herz Maere.” Myth in seven tableaux. Théâtre Musical based on fragments by Gottfried von
Strassburg and Konrad von Würzburg | world premiere
In the twelfth century, a tragic story circulated throughout Europe, from the Balkans to Portugal: the story of the triangle between a woman, her husband, and his rival, a knight whom the woman loves. Feelings that burn with urgency, yearning, longing, disappointment and the thirst for revenge, the agony of separation and jealousy: The hopelessness of the situation only intensifies the desire to experience the moment in all its power, giving the couple’s erotic relationship its depth and volatility. Director Angela Bürger and composer Alfred Zimmerlin have designed an updated version of the Tristan myth using excerpts from the medieval texts of Gottfried von Strassburg and Konrad von Würzburg. With only three musicians onstage, they will recount the old tale in a new way, recreating it as an enthralling chamber play.
Improvisation III | 21.15–21.45 | Südpol, Mittlere Halle
Dieter Ammann trumpet, electric bass and synthesizer | Christy Doran electric guitar | Fredy Studer drums | Michael Wertmüller drums
Dance Music I | 22.00–23.15 | Südpol, Grosse Halle
Ensemble HELIX – Studio für zeitgenössische Musik der Hochschule Luzern | "Alpini Vernähmlassig" – Ensemble für Volksmusik der Hochschule Luzern–Musik | Andreas Brenner conductor
Hanspeter Kyburz (*1960) "Danse aveugle" for five instruments
Urban Mäder (*1955) "Über Stock und Stein" – world premiere
Jürg Wyttenbach (*1935) "Marsyas, Apollo und die Musen" für two ensembles – world premiere
Helena Winkelman (*1974) New composition – world premiere
Fabian Müller (*1964) "Maden, Motten und das Muotathal" – world premiere
With friendly support from the Lucerne Union of Conservatories Dreilinden and the Edwin-Fischer-Foundation. In partnership with the Lucerne Music School, Studio for Contemporary Music, and the Folk Music Studio Center
Dance Music II | 24.00 | Südpol, Club
Donkey Kong’s Multiscream: Dieter Ammann trumpet, electric bass and synthesizer | Roland Philipp saxophone | Chris Muzik electric guitar | Thomy Jordi electric bass |
Andy Brugger drums | David Stauffacher percussion
Groove and Free Funk
afterward DJ



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