Back to Nature: LUCERNE FESTIVAL in Summer

The Orlando Consort  

A mountain hike in the morning, the "Alpine Symphony" in the evening; a sunny boat ride on Lake Lucerne in the afternoon, followed by Webern’s "Sommerwind" in the concert hall! This year’s LUCERNE FESTIVAL will be devoted heart and soul to Nature.

The theme of this year’s LUCERNE FESTIVAL in Summer literally lies at the city’s doorstep: "Nature". Visitors to Lucerne and concert-goers in its KKL Luzern Concert Hall are surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Yet it is not only shoreline promenades and intermission talks that offer lakeside views and alpine panoramas, but the music itself inside the concert halls. Whether in Claude Debussy’s "La Mer" or Richard Straus’s "Alpine Symphony", in Anton Webern’s "Im Sommerwind", Joseph Haydn’s "The Seasons", or Carl Maria von Weber’s "Freischütz", Nature will resound as music’s fountainhead and creative mystery, as metaphor and myth, as a mirror of the soul and as religious wonder. As Goethe put it in a famous sonnet, “Nature and Art, they go their separate ways, / It seems; yet all at once they reconverge.”

The interplay of nature and art, of untrammelled naturalness on the one hand and technique, form, and symbolism on the other: the LUCERNE FESTIVAL’s program will probe them all with a dramatic sense of surprise, discovery, and revelation. For example, one Late Night concert (29 August, Hornroh Ensemble) will feature Switzerland’s cult instrument, the alphorn, in ways you’ve never heard before. A few days later, on 5 September, Samuel Kummer, the organist of Dresden’s Frauenkirche, will give a matinee recital on the Goll organ in Lucerne’s KKL Luzern concert hall, complete with cuckoos and nightingales, a Rhine journey, and finally a proper thunderstorm. And the highly touted Orlando Consort has dreamt up a delightful and intriguing program entitled “The Rose, the Lily & the Whortleberry: Gardens in Medieval and Renaissance Music” – yours to hear in the Franciscan Church on 12 September. Where does Nature end and Art begin? The answer lies, naturally, in music!

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06 April 2009

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